Alice Springs and  West MacDonnell Ranges

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Welcome to Central Australia and Alice Springs 

Alice Springs - A Central Australia Outback Town 

Local Links - Alice Springs   

Alice Springs Jumpsite

Sound of Starlight Theatre - digeridoo concert in Alice Springs

                           West MacDonnell Ranges

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Standley Chasm                        Rock Wallabies/Stan.                    Ellery Creek Waterhole

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Ormiston Gorge                            Glen Helen Gorge                            Redbank Gorge


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                                              Gum nr. Redbank Gorge

                                Alice Springs

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Original Alice Springs                Old Telegraph Station                  A. from Anzac Hill  

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A. from Billy Goat Hill               Royal Flying Doctor Base                   Todd River

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      Road Train                                   Todd Mall                            Flynn Memorial Church

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Alice Plaza (Centre)                       Wildflowers                             Dusk at the Todd River 


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