Australia's Outback

                                           Chambers Pillar    

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Chambers Pillar Historical Reserve

Early travellers crossing the desolate sand ridges north of the Finke River used this prominent 50-metre high column of red and yellow sandstones as a landmark on their yourneys through Central Australia. It was named after James Chambers, one of Stuart's South Australian sponsors. The Pillar's soft sandstone holds the important historic inscriptions of early explorers and pioneers. Like many others unusual landformations throughout Australia, Chambers Pillar also has important dreamtime messages for Aborigines. The Park (340 ha) is accessible to high clearance 4WD vehicles only. Picnic and camping areas are provided.


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                        From Alice to Chambers Pillar

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The winery/Alice Springs  Ewaninga Rock Carvings  Car Wreck 


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Gibber Desert  Desert Oaks  Approaching Chambers Pillar 


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Rough Road Camping Area Sunset


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Pillar in morning light Sunrise at Chambers Pillar  Cattle-Gate 

                                                          thumb13.JPG (10182 Byte)  Close-up of Wildflowers                                                

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