Lower Glenelg National Park

Discovery Bay Coastal Park

map.gif (4067 Byte) The Glenelg River and surrounding bushland are the features of Lower Glenelg; Discovery Bay's attractions are lakes, dune areas and a long, sandy ocean coastline.

The most spectacular feature of Lower Glenelg NP is the gorge of Glenelg River. For 15 kilometres along its lower reaches, the river has cut a gorge, in places more than 50 metres deep, in Miocene limestone. A visit to the Princess Margaret Rose Caves, noted for their beautiful and delicate limestone formations, is recommended.

(from National Parks Service, Victoria)

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glenelg_small.JPG (5874 Byte)                wattles_small.JPG (6026 Byte)            gum_small.JPG (7854 Byte)              

Glenelg River                             Glenelg River/ Wattles           Flowering Gum


spring_small.JPG (7363 Byte)                heath_small.JPG (7635 Byte)               gr-trees_small.JPG (5948 Byte)

Spring in the forest                            Flame Heath                        Grass-trees


        cave_small.jpg (4841 Byte)                      nelson1_small.JPG (4525 Byte)           dunes_small.JPG (4406 Byte)

Princess Margaret                                    Estuary Beach / Nelson
   Rose Caves                                      


                                nelson2_small.JPG (5457 Byte)                   nelson3_small.JPG (4217 Byte)

                                             Sunset at Estuary Beach/ Nelson