Uluru (Ayers Rock)

ayers_map.jpg (74748 Byte) Described by explorer Ernst Giles in 1872, as 'the remarkable pebble', this worl heritage area is owned by the Anangu, the traditional landholders of the region. It is one of the most  powerful parts of Aboriginal 'Tjukurrpa'(mythology), with many 'dreamings' centering on Uluru. It is remarkable in every way. Changing colour throughout the day - Uluru at sunset is astonishing. The rock is a gallery of Aboriginal rock carvings and paintings and all around its caves and waterholes each have stories and meanings to its people.

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air.jpg (32702 Byte)                                                  mala1.jpg (98650 Byte) mala2.jpg (84541 Byte)
View from the air          Mala Walk Mala Walk


top_ulur.jpg (31461 Byte) brain.jpg (62225 Byte)           sunrise.jpg (74697 Byte)
  Top of Uluru       Uluru - "The brain"                   Sunrise


sunset.jpg (41386 Byte) ayers.jpg (38086 Byte) climb.jpg (51543 Byte)
Waiting for sunset         Sunset        The climb     


uluru2.jpg (62858 Byte) rain.jpg (36455 Byte)
View from Circuit Walk Uluru after rainfall* 

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