Wildflowers and Plants of Victoria

Marion Westmacott©ANBG

Common Heath: Floral Emblem of Victoria


Lower Glenelg National Park

ironbark.jpg (58052 Byte)

grevillea-lavand.jpg (49808 Byte)

silver-banksia.jpg (58697 Byte)

heath.jpg (86478 Byte)

Eucalyptus sideroxylon
Grevillea lavandulacea
Banksia marginata
Epacris impressa


Grampians National Park

golden_heath.jpg (93141 Byte)

coral-pea.jpg (55559 Byte)

blue-bells.jpg (98487 Byte)

bauera.jpg (91249 Byte)

Styphelia ascendens
Hardenbergia violacea
Wahlenbergia sp. (?)
Bauera sessiliflora (endemic!)

hakea.jpg (76907 Byte)

grevillea-aqui.jpg (42589 Byte)

Hakea sericea
Variable prickly Grevillea
Grevillea aquifolium


McDonald Park, Ararat

pink-fingers.jpg (34434 Byte)

hedge-wattle.jpg (59356 Byte)

red_flame.jpg (65419 Byte)

early-nancy.jpg (40763 Byte)

Caladenia carnea
Acacia paradoxa
Grevillea dimorpha
Wurmbea dioica

drosera.jpg (29167 Byte)

pink-bells1.jpg (48332 Byte)

pink-bells2.jpg (40100 Byte)

Drosera auriculata
Tetratheca ciliata
Tetratheca ciliata


Little Desert National Park

Dandenong Ranges National Park

wax-lip_orchid.jpg (41219 Byte)

guinea_flower.jpg (90098 Byte)

eucalypt.jpg (80822 Byte)

tree-fern.jpg (85562 Byte)

Wax-lip Orchid
Glossodia major
Erect Guinea-flower
Hibbertia riparia
Mountain Ash
Eucalyptus regnans
Rough Tree Fern
Cyathea australis


Wilsons Promontory National Park

grass-tree.jpg (88666 Byte)

hyacinth.jpg (45393 Byte)

banksias1.jpg (118121 Byte)

banksias2.jpg (89524 Byte)

Xanthorrhoea australis
Dipodium punctatum
Banksia serrata
Saw Banksia
Banksia serrata
 (Seed cone)

mangrove.jpg (98495 Byte)

mangroves.jpg (87961 Byte)

White Mangrove
Avicennia marina
White Mangrove
Avicennia marina
("Bonsai" Mangroves)
This site is dedicated to my cousin Juliska, who lived in Melbourne. She was very interested in Australian plants and an expert for Victorian wildflowers. Unfortunately she died in October 2001, just one month before her 45th birthday.

Follow this link, if you want to know more about Victorian plants:
Australian Plants Society (SGAP Victoria)

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